Islam Makhachev warns Demian Maia about betting against him

UFC lightweight contender Islam Makhachev recently responed to Demian Maia’s comment about him and his potential opponent Charles Oliveira. Makhachev sent a cold warning to Maia about betting against him.

After missing weight for UFC 274 bout against Justin Gaethje in May, Charles Oliveira got demoted to number one contender. The Brazilian athlete magnificently submitted Gaethje and is set to fight for the vacant lightweight belt. One of the potential opponents for Oliveira is the rising star Islam Makhachev.

UFC veteran Demian Maia shared his prediction about a potential bout between Islam Makhachev and the former lightweight champion. From the eyes of a grappling grandmaster, Maia highly believes Oliveira will outwrestle Makhachev in the octagon. Maia believes that his fellow countryman possessed the perfect style for Makhachev.

“If there’s a man to beat that type of fighter, it’s Charles, because Charles has [a good] guard [game]. You have to have [a good] guard to beat someone like that, enough guard to at least survive but also be offensive, to be dangerous there. Charles has that. Charles is a dangerous fight for that type of fighter. Not to mention he’s dangerous as hell on the feet.” Maia said.

Demian Maia reflected on his fight with former Bellator and ONE Championship welterweight champion Ben Askren. The 44-year-old had a fierce ground fight with Askren in 2019 and eventually submitted Askren with a rear-naked choke.

“It’s kind of the same strategy when I fought Ben Askren. I was taken down and was working right away. You can go for a sweep or a submission during the takedown. Not that you can’t be off your back, but you don’t wanna be there early, when your opponent has too much energy to hold you and steal rounds.” Maia said.

“I had this drill back when I fought Ben Askren, he’d take me down and I would go for the ankle, a triangle, a sweep, you know? I still do these drills to this day. But I think you have to be the type of fighter Charles is to be someone like that. If you don’t have jiu-jitsu, you don’t beat these guys.” Maia said.

Maia concluded his prediction on the fight favoring Oliveira. He is even willing to bet his money on Oliveira if the fight materializes.

He added, “I would put [my money] on Oliveira to win if he gets paired up against Makhachev next. I’m not a betting guy, but I would. It would be an interesting match for all martial arts fans, especially considering that Makhachev and Oliveira are the two best fighters in the category.”

Islam Makhachev reacted to Maia’s statement on his Twitter account. The 30-year-old Dagestan born warned Maia and said he will regret it for doubting him.

“I remember the guy who bet his house and lost in my fight vs Hooker. Don’t do the same mistake [Demian Maia], save your money.” Makhachev wrote.