Islam Makhachev wants Colby Covington to prove Dagestani wrestling superior over US style

In the highly anticipated main event of UFC 296, Colby Covington and Leon Edwards are poised to clash for the welterweight title. With both combatants eager to make their mark, this showdown promises an electrifying display of skill and strategy.

Since the official announcement of the bout, Covington has voiced his interest in a potential face-off against Makhachev for his first title defense. He thinks that a match with Makhachev will be relatively easy.

In response to Covington’s remarks, Islam Makhachev expresses his desire for Covington to emerge victorious. He said to ESPN: “I hope [Covington] wins, because I don’t know what Leon says about [fighting me]. I’ve never heard Leon say he wants this fight. But Colby wants it.”

“That’s why I want Colby to win and we can meet one day. It would be a very good fight, he has good wrestling. It’s going to be U.S. wrestling vs. Dagestan wrestling. He’s a good fighter. He has good wrestling and good conditioning, but in my opinion, I stop his wrestling and land many good punches.”

But before the clash with Covington can materialize, Makhachev must first overcome Charles Oliveira in their rematch at UFC 294. The outcome of this rematch will significantly impact the path to the title.

Should Makhachev emerge victorious, he has unequivocally expressed his desire to pursue a champ-champ status. This is particularly true after offering Alexander Volkanovski the same opportunity.

Makhachev asserted: “I don’t know what the UFC has planned, but my dream fight is for the second belt. Of course, I am under contract, so whatever the UFC says, I will fight, no problem. But Edwards vs. Colby — I really believe I can beat [the winner]. I look at their skills and what they have as champion and I know my skills.”

“It’s going to be a good fight. I’m not saying I’m going to beat them easy. It’s going to be a hard, tough fight against a big guy. But I believe I can finish those guys. I gave a chance to that guy, so they have to give me a chance, too.”

Makhachev concluded by saying: “I gave a chance to a guy from another division to come to my weight and to try to take this belt, and he lost. I want my chance, too.”