Islam Makhachev is known for pranking his friends and we got the video to prove it

Islam Makhachev is mostly known for his association with Hall of famer Khabib Nurmagomedov in addition to his Dagestani wrestling roots. But he’s also somewhat of a jokester. This side of him doesn’t come out too often – unless some of his friends are involved.

Makhachev even took the time to learn English in order to be able to market himself – something the previous lightweight champ didn’t do.

In a video compilation posted online Makhachev is seen jokingly bullying his manager Ali Abdelaziz who he suplexed into a swimming pool.

There was also a classic ‘magician’ prank involving a coin and a water bottle.

A noticeably younger Makhachev also once pranked a friend while attempting to kick a bottle off of his head.

In addition to many other classic pranks, Makhachev also play pretended to be Police ringing on a friend’s door.

Makhachev is happy to be back home in Dagestan where he was given a royal welcome. He’s anticipated to make it back into the cage in February in Perth against Alexander Volkanovski.

Makhachev was recently praised by longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Rogan told Maynard James Keenan he was impressed with Makhachev:

“Watching Islam (Makhachev) and Charles Oliveira, that was – what a fight that was. Islam Makhachev must have the most incredible squeeze, his squeeze must be out of this world. Because, you see how quick Charles tapped once he clamped that on him. I mean, whoof.”

Speaking about Makhchev, Rogan said,

“That dude is on another level. I mean, I am – he is the truth. I was always impressed with him, but I mean, I was saying, leading up to him getting a shot at the world title, he’s the boogeyman of that division (lightweight).”