Islam Makhachev confirms UFC legend Khabib’s role for upcoming title fight

UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev talked about Khabib Nurmagomedov’s decision to withdraw from the MMA community. He also confirmed whether Khabib will coach him for the upcoming UFC 284 but won’t be cornering him.

UFC veteran Khabib Nurmagomedov announced that he is scaling back his involvement in MMA as a coach and promoter. His manager confirmed he won’t be part of Islam Makhachev team cornering at UFC 284.

Recently, Islam Makhachev discussed Khabib during an interview with Fox Sports. The 31-year-old Dagestani confirmed that Khabib will not accompany him on his next outing, but it won’t be a problem.

“Of course, it’s going to be different, but I’ve already fought without him a couple of times. And he cannot always be with me.” Makhachev said.

Makhachev went on to explain how much Khabib impacted his career in MMA. He admitted that he prefers Khabib to stay as his coach, but also understands that his family is more important.

“Of course, it’s very good when he is here. I always like when he is with me because he knows all the games being played. He knows what you need for the fight, for the weight cut, you don’t have to worry about any of this. It’s always good when you have someone as experienced as him.” Makhachev said.

“You don’t have to spend your energy thinking about other things. But I understand that he has to spend more time with his family. Because with all the fighting, the training, his family misses him too. Even though he is retired he’s still traveling a lot. That’s why I understand.”

Makhachev’s interviews mirrors one done with another Khabib team insider – Shamil Zavurov who previously shared:

“He thought about it, sat down so that the guys would not be offended. He said to the guys, well, all the athletes who already exist have already achieved great results.”

“The main thing is that the guys should not be offended. One will go, the other will not go. He said, I can’t go with you.”

“I did it before, in the training camp, training. Well, he explained to the guys so neatly that there is a family, you need to spend time with your family.”