Iranian Hulk was advised to pull out of boxing debut – which he tried

Iranian Hulk’s physique certainly did not live upto his impressive photos, and his boxing technique has got to be one of the worst performances in the ring.

Days before his boxing debut, the Iranian athlete was already thinking of withdrawing from his match against Titan.

Kazakh Titan, real name Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, defeated Iranian Hulk, real name Sajad Gharibi, in the first round of the match. The boxing bout between the two athletes was a part of Dubai’s white-collar event, Wicked N’ Bad.

Clearly, Gharibi was not fit enough to win against Bakhytovich, as the latter was far more prepared.

According to Hamzeh Moradian, Hulk’s trainer, the super-heavyweight tried to back out from the boxing bout just days before the bout.

A video posted by Moradian on his Instagram said that Gharibi’s agent “knows nothing about sports”. He even mentioned how the Iranian athlete was supposed to go and box.

When we talked, I told him that there is no way Sajad can box. He said ‘help him as much as you can’ and I said that he can’t do it. I said that I don’t mean to intervene, but I think it’s better if it’s cancelled. When they tried to cancel it, they realized that they can’t do it, because they had to pay a penalty.“, he added.

“Even some days I picked him up myself. I tried my best to help him but since we didn’t have enough time to get him ready. I saw him under pressure and anxious. It’s really hard to get in the ring through all that pressure and anxiety.”

Hulk is “ashamed” after losing the bout against Titan and apologized by saying:

“I hope -again- that you forgive me. I wanted to make you proud but I didn’t predict all this. I hope that people forgive me.”

Boxing fans were also quick to comment about the match.

“Somebody please pay Iranian Hulk to never step foot inside a boxing ring again”, one tweeted.

Another added: “What am I witnessing here *laughing emoji*”