Internet divided as boxing coach brags about letting kids beat each other to a pulp

Combat sports have taken the globe by storm and seem to be more popular than ever. MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling have experienced a surge in popularity. With increased accessibility, even children are eager to participate in these activities.

Kids trying their luck and getting engaged themselves is thus not unusual. But one instructor has caused quite a stir on the internet by allowing two ten-year-olds to engage in combat in the ring.

Boxing coach Henry Ramirez shared a video of two bloodied young kids grinning after sparring in boxing. He said that he had previously shared the footage on another platform and had gotten a lot of anger, something he may not have anticipated happening on X.

Ramirez can be heard in the video applauding the two children who had just engaged in a bloody sparring match.

Ramirez stated: “A little blood never hurt anybody. People are gonna think we’re abusing kids over here. Good work, boys.”

The online community swiftly responded, with mixed reactions. Some lauded Ramirez for promoting boxing among youth, appreciating the grit displayed by the young combatants. Others criticized the coach for allowing such intense sparring at a young age.

One critic expressed concern: “It’s cool you are promoting boxing for the youth. But this early this kind of sparring is not conducive to their learning of techniques and the sport. Not to mention you are starting hard sparring at an early age.”

Debates on the ethics of exposing children to such rigorous sparring ensued. Some argued against allowing head shots for kids, emphasizing the importance of age-appropriate understanding of the risks associated with the sport.

Another user said: “I don’t believe in head shots for kids until they are an age to decide whether or not they understand and accept the risks that comes with the sport.”

A harsh critic condemned Ramirez, stating: “You are a genuinely bad person and it’s important that you hear that every day until you realize it.”

Amidst concerns of potential harm, supporters rallied behind Ramirez. Some admired the kids’ resilience.

On user commented: “Look at them kids! Bleeding like that and smiling…I love to see it.”

Another said: “Love it, bro.”

Ramirez has defended letting the children spar until they are bloodied, stating that the two have combined for 22 matches between them and are preparing for a national competition. Even more, Ramirez says that a lady had intended to file a complaint against him for child abuse. But it’s not apparent at this point if he is still in legal hot water.