Instant Regret: Jon Jones calls out brand for Using the Spanish Word for “Black”

Former UFC Light-heavyweight Champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones once accused famous clothing brand Hollister of ‘bulls–t racism’. Jones did so once he spotted that store had Spanish language translation on the labels. Spanish alone wouldn’t be controversial – but Jones spotted the word Negro on one label. The word is a direct translation for color Black in Spanish. In a video posted on his social media, he asked his daughters if they were disgusted as well.

The video went viral and Jon Jones came under all kinds of fire. Fans quickly started trolling him in the comments section which led to Jones deleting the post. Much like most thing on the internet – it can still be seen.

To address the issue Jones then took to Twitter:

“I’m totally aware how to say the word black in Spanish. I still feel like Hollister‘s choice of words were insensitive and insulting.. Call me sensitive if you want but today I was totally insulted.”

A fan then jokingly asked Jones “Do you want the Spanish people not to find their clothes, John?”

Jones responded by saying “Literally half my friends are ‘Hispanic’. And I’m pretty sure every single one of them, even the ones who don’t read English well could have found those black jeans.”

Another fan wrote under Jon’s tweet:

“Are you mad that they have Spanish labels? You’re being overly sensitive. It’s literally just a label describing the color of the clothes in two languages. The Spanish word for black is ‘negro – it isn’t f*cking Hollister’s fault.”

“Chill out, Jon. You really don’t have to look that hard for sh*t to be offended about. We have enough real discrimination happening that you could and should address.” He added.

Another fan of the former champion wrote, “I love Jon but I honestly don’t understand. Maybe it’s because I am white but it’s literally the Spanish alternative. What does he expect them to do? Change the word in the language?”

Some fans were divided over Jones’ comments. One fan wrote: “I am offended that the language of my people offends you.”

Another commenter not impressed by Jones’ antics was ‘The Devastator’ Dominick Reyes. For those unaware Dominick Reyes is Light heavyweight UFC fighter of Mexican-American Heritage. He criticized Jones in a since-deleted tweet:

“Jon Jones is an actual idiot,” Reyes said.

Jon Jones fought Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 which was also Jones’ last octagon appearance. He successfully defended his light-heavyweight title and won by a controversial decision. Many fans of the sport still think Reyes won that fight.

Jon Jones hasn’t been seen in the octagon since then. Jones has set his sights on a move to heavyweight . He previously tried negotiating to fight UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou but both Jones and Ngannou were deemed too too difficult by UFC president Dana White. It’s still unclear when he’ll make his heavyweight debut.