Influencer defends UFC champ Tom Aspinall after R rated question receives backlash

Nina Marie Daniele recently addressed the uproar following an unconventional question posed by Tom Aspinall during their interview ahead of his championship bout against Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295.

Daniele is known for steering her interviews away from conventional MMA questions, delving into controversial topics that deviate from standard sports interviews. During their lively exchange, Aspinall ended up asking a rather audacious question that stirred significant attention.


Many in the UFC community believe Daniele is a UFC plant and or receiving pay from the promotion. UFC initially tried the influencer angle with Addison Rae however due to Rae’s exorbitantly high profile the backlash to her presence was immedietly there.

Here’s where things get interesting, Daniele was rumored to have been in a relationship with UFC exec Hunter Campbell previous to her UFC content pivot.

From the get go, Daniele had a very high level of access to stars, though she did have to attend Power Slap so there’s that.

He asked, “I’ve got a question for you. Have you ever been f***ered by an MMA fighter before?”

Nina’s immediate reaction displayed surprise as she responded, “Never. No.”

Aspinall went on to say, “I’ve seen some really weird questions on your Instagram, so I thought I’m just going to throw one in there?”

Nina responded with laughter and then went on to say: “No, never. Never.”

Although Aspinall’s question received criticism, Nina came forward to defend the 30-year-old by explaining the context behind the unconventional question.

Addressing the incident, she posted a video on X, She said: “I absolutely love Tom Aspinall’s humor! The reason he asked me that crazy question is because we follow each other on IG and sees all the crazy weird questions my followers ask me.”

She continued, “@AspinallMMA is funny AF and he didn’t offend me AT ALL! He was trying to get a reaction out of me and he got a good one lol. I asked him some crazy ass questions too!”

In another tweet, Daniele made a joke about Aspinall’s response. She tweeted: “I can’t believe the media tried to cancel Tom Aspinall over a 10 second clip. I didn’t take it as s*xual harassment… I took it as s*xual haRIZZment.”

“Anyone who is trying to cancel @AspinallMMA can go get f*****ed (respectfully) LOL.”

Aspinall recently made history as the third British combatant in UFC to secure a championship title. He emerged victorious against Sergei Pavlovich in a mere 69 seconds at UFC 295.