Influencer Dapper Laughs knocks down Simple Simon just 9 SECONDS

Dapper Laughs (real name Daniel O’Reilly) made a striking entry into the boxing world at the Misfits 11 event. He ended up securing a swift victory against TikTok sensation Simple Simon (real name Simon Colbran). The match took place on the preliminary card at York Hall.

In an surprising display of prowess, the 39-year-old swiftly ended the bout. He delivered a series of rapid right-hand shots, toppling his 53-year-old opponent in a mere nine seconds after the bell.

Dapper Laughs continued to assert his dominance, ultimately culminating in a decisive victory within 65 seconds. He landed another vicious right-hand blow that proved to be too much for Colbran.

After a successful debut on the recently established Misfits boxing circuit, Dapper Laughs raised his hand in the ring. The two also exchanged an embrace at the bout’s conclusion.

Dapper Laughs’ quest for victory was aided by the age difference. It was clear from the bout’s brief duration that the younger combatant had more endurance.

Post-match, Dapper Laughs graciously acknowledged his opponent’s resilience and courage. He expressed his empathy and admiration for Simple Simon’s determination to step into the ring despite being considered the underdog.

Reflecting on the match, Dapper Laughs wrote on X (formerly Twitter):

“I feel for Simple Simon, I can only box who they put in front of me and I knew he was older and came in as the underdog. It didn’t feel great putting him down I’ve got to be honest but I’ve got a lot of love for him and that’s why I didn’t celebrate.”

“Afterwards I gave him a big cuddle and I think he needs to be really proud of himself. The comments should be about how much bottle he’s got and that he’s keen to get in the ring.”

Dapper Laughs also acknowledged Simon’s dedication to supporting his family through his participation in the match.

He added: “Ultimately he’s out there trying to make money for his family and he was game to fight me, maybe even knowing my ability was more he wanted to test himself.”