Influencer claimed he was banned from boxing for 2 years for hitting unconscious opponent – the truth is far more grim

Influencer boxer Chase DeMoor recently made headlines when he said that he would be subject to a $100,000 fine and a two-year boxing ban.

The reality TV star and former American football player was disqualified from his bout with Stevie Knight during KSI’s latest Misfits Boxing event. The controversial incident occurred when DeMoor landed a clean right hand that dropped Knight in round one.

However, DeMoor continued to throw punches at his opponent. He ended up landing five more shots before the referee intervened. DeMoor then proceeded to mimic Israel Adesanya’s UFC 287 arrow-firing celebration before a conflict broke out between his and Knight’s teams.

DeMoor’s actions led to his disqualification from the bout, and Knight was awarded the victory. DeMoor took to Twitter days later to claim he had been slapped with a two-year boxing ban and a $100,000 fine for his actions.

He tweeted: “I got 24-month (two-year) suspension and a $100k fine as my punishment for the DQ. Thanks everyone for your support. I’ll be taking my talents to golf now.”

Some boxing fans were unable to believe his statement since the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission later revealed that DeMoor would only face a 30-day suspension and would be free to continue his professional boxing career.

They told talkSPORT’s Michael Benson: “Mr. DeMoor received a 30-day suspension from the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission.”

DeMoor’s behavior during the KSI Misfits Boxing event is not an isolated incident. He was also involved in a viral incident with Nate Diaz during the event.

DeMoor called out Diaz after their run-in, but the MMA veteran is currently booked to face YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on August 5 in Utah.