“I’m Paddy’s daddy now” – Logan Paul gloats over Pimblett not being able to promote his drink any more

One of the most significant news of the last week has been the UFC’s recent collaboration with Logan Paul and the KSI-led Prime.

Following the news, Prime has been named the promotion’s official sports drink, giving the already-expanding brand a tremendous boost. While this may be excellent news for Paul and KSI, another UFC ace may find himself in a difficult situation as a result of this partnership. The athlete in question here is Paddy Pimblett, a lightweight competitor in the UFC.

Following the announcement, Paul and KSI participated in an Instagram live event where they spoke about the collaboration and Prime’s general expansion.

What made the session memorable, was when the pair made fun of Pimblett and his own line of energy drinks. The YouTubers couldn’t help but make fun of the boxer from Liverpool who just unveiled his own brand of sports drinks dubbed “Body Fuel.”

Logan Paul and Pimblett already had a fascinating past of beefing. When the YouTuber criticized Pimblett in an interview, their animosity began to grow. Now that UFC and Paul’s brand of sports beverages has partnered, the 28-year-old will undoubtedly find himself in an odd situation.

“Thanks to the UFC. It’s going to be a wild a** ride. Paddy, I’m coming for you. Watch out, you’re sponsored by Prime now,” Paul said.

The influencer duo burst out laughing, and KSI said: “He can’t promote his drink, what is it? Body fuel or some s***.”

Logan Paul concluded by saying, “Damn, I’m Paddy’s daddy now.”

Pimblett introduced his own beverage in collaboration with Applied Nutrition. The UFC Lightweight had even created a comparison video to demonstrate how much better his drink ‘Body Fuel’ was than ‘Prime.’ Logan Paul apparently didn’t like it and even threatened to sue the boxer.