Ian Garry reacts to wife’s book ‘How to be a WAG’

Recently, controversy has surrounded Ian Garry and his wife Layla Machado Garry (also known as Layla Anna-Lee). Central to this uproar is a book penned by Layla in 2012 titled ‘How to be a WAG,’ delving into the lives of wives and girlfriends of elite athletes.

The scrutiny initiated with the glaring 14-year age difference between Layla Anna-Lee and Ian Garry. Adding fuel to the fire was Ian’s decision to change his surname post-marriage, adopting ‘Machado-Garry’ which includes his wife’s maiden name.

Stirring further intrigue, revelations surfaced about Layla’s former partner Richard Cullen who is Ian’s performance nutritionist.

He became a member of Ian Garry’s team in July 2021. Besides that, Cullen co-founded and co-authored content for Layla Ltd. He also provided coverage of MyEPL on Eleven Sports Network, Layla’s Occasionally Unbiased Football Show on NBC Sports, and UFC 5RY on UFC FightPass.

This connection has attracted widespread attention and critique, given his prior marriage to Layla and their shared child.

Anna-Lee and Cullen first crossed paths in 2013. They were married shortly after in 2014 and had a baby boy.

The couple had a son named Lucas on September 29, 2015. But they ended their relationship amicably shortly after the baby was born. Even so, Cullen continues to play a crucial role in her career as well as Ian Garry’s.

Born to a Brazilian mother and a British father, Layla Anna-Lee has made a significant mark as a Brazilian-British television presenter. She is recognized notably for her contributions in sports broadcasting and children’s entertainment.

Her portfolio boasts affiliations with prominent networks like Nickelodeon, Eurosport, Sky Sports, ESPN, and BT Sports.

Published in 2012 by Create Digital Publishing Ltd, Layla’s book recently sparked controversy. Despite its concise length of 11 pages, the book seemingly was aimed at a specific group known as ‘Gold Diggers.’ It offers guidance on entering relationships with affluent athletes, particularly targeting the English Premier League demographic.

The controversial guidebook elucidates dietary suggestions, makeup recommendations, insights into a party-centric lifestyle, and strategies for engaging with paparazzi. It aimed to captivate the interest of women aspiring to form relationships with elite footballers.