Hugh Jackman Reveals Wolverine Role did ‘Irreparable Damage’ To His Body

As of right now, everyone is aware that Hollywood icon Hugh Jackman is getting ready to make a surprising comeback. He will be returning as Wolverine in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe picture, ‘Deadpool 3.’

To perform this role to the best of his ability, the actor had to make several physical changes. Some of them proved to be irreversible.

After bidding farewell to the role following ‘Logan’ in 2017, Jackman surprised fans with his decision to reprise Wolverine. This unexpected turn promises a thrilling multiversal adventure, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the X-Men saga.

The Australian actor is well-known for both his amazing performance and his physical appearance.

Known not only for his acting prowess but also for his physical dedication, Jackman’s Wolverine journey spanned seventeen years. However, the toll of intense growling and yelling during the portrayal took its toll on his vocal cords.

In an enlightening interview with the BBC, Jackman admitted: “My falsetto is not as strong as it used to be, and that I directly put down to some of the growling and yelling… We learned a technique in school of how to shout and how to yell without ruining your voice. However, during Wolverine, I did some screaming and yelling and things that I think did damage to my voice.”

The actor recognized that his ability to achieve high notes was impacted by the harm done during his Wolverine era.

Hugh Jackman is praised for his love of musicals just as much as Wolverine is for his adamantium claws. For his performance in “Oklahoma,” Jackman received the Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical. But the extended tenure as Wolverine affected his vocal abilities.

But Jackman is a Broadway enthusiast at heart. He is determined to overcome the vocal challenges posed by his superhero stint.

Acknowledging the damage, he stated: “I put a lot of effort into both physical movement and my vocal preparation for every role.” Currently collaborating with a vocal coach, Jackman aims to restore his falsetto for future musical performances.

The resurgence of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine brings forth a wave of nostalgia and anticipation among MCU fans.