Hooters Waitress turned MMA Fighter gets revenge on “Creeps” who recorded staff

A Hooters waitress during the day and a mixed martial artist over the night. This is exactly how you can describe the life of Lydia Warren.

Warren encountered several men who creepily took pictures of her co-worker in their place of worth.

Warren works at Hooters as a waitress to support herself as she works toward her dream of being a famed mixed martial artist. She is 3-1 as an amateur and just had her professional debut back in June. She won her debut match at Jorge Masvidal’s iKON FC against fellow debutant Sydney Smith via unanimous decision.

Recently, the 26-year-old went viral on social media after exposing several rude men who visited her place of work and were behaving childishly.

The restaurant chain itself is famous for waitresses with revealing outfits and entertaining conversations. You definitely can take pictures with the girls if they consent to it, but it will be a different matter if you creep on them.

One of the men there allegedly took a picture of her friend without permission. Warren decided to step up and tried to embarrass the men. She took her phone and recorded the men during and even turned on her phone’s flash to tip them off as to how she was getting revenge.

“These guys want to come to Hooters and just take pictures of the girls without asking, so I will make you uncomfortable too. We all are uncomfortable now. My flash is on, we are uncomfortable now.” Warren said.

Warren didn’t just make them embarrassed on the spot. But she decided to upload the video to her TikTok. She is quite famous on TikTok, boasting over 11,000 followers. The video easily went viral and people are enjoying the entertainment.

“Bros Face turning Red like his Shirt.” One user wrote. Another said, “When I was a twin peaks manager I’d walk right up to the table and tell them to delete them and embarrass them in front of their friends.”