Hilarious MMA throwback: Urijah Faber teaching The Korean Zombie some pick up lines is the best thing you’ll see today

An old video has resurfaced on social media featuring former UFC conteders Urijah Faber and Jung Chan-sung (better known as The Korean Zombie). The two got together for some cross-cultural bonding.

Faber took it upon himself to teach Jung some basic English phrases and slang, particularly some of the more popular American pick-up lines. What ensued was a hilarious cultural exchange between the two contenders.

As Faber introduces the session, he says: “What’s up, guys? Chillin here with Jung, also known as The Korean Zombie. And we’re doing a little cultural exchange. So we’re just teaching the ‘bare necessities’ right now.”

Jung starts off with some playful but risque lines. He says: “Let’s play carpenter. First we get hammered. Then I nail you.”

Faber then laughs and encourages him. Another inappropriate pick-up line Faber has Jung practice is “Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Could I get you myself in your pants?”

Some of the other pick-up lines Faber teaches Jung are:

“I lost my number. Can I have yours?”

“Are you free tonight or will it cost me?”

Faber then checks in on Jung’s progress, saying: “I’ll be honest. Jung’s a natural. I think he’s gonna be ready for America.”

While Faber clearly delighted in teaching his friend some scandalous slang, Jung took it all in stride. The exchange shows their friendship and ability to bridge cultural barriers through humor.

The Korean Zombie formally declared his retirement from mixed martial arts in August 2023. Following a knockout defeat to Max Holloway in the UFC Singapore event, Jung ended his illustrious 16-year career.

Following a 13-year career in the sport, Faber announced his retirement from the UFC in 2016. His last match was in his hometown of Sacramento against Brad Pickett. Faber ended up winning the match via unanimous decision.language and cultural barriers.