Higlights: Flying knee attempt badly backfires, Tyson Nam crushes Ode Osbourne

After a long break, Tyson Nam returned to the UFC flyweight division in a clash against Ode Osbourne. Ode Osbourne was known as a powerful striker – but Nam proved that he was the better man in the end.

In the first half of round one the two traded evenly. Mainly single strikes no combination. Osbourne relied on body kicks and the two had even keeled back and forth. Osbourne then launched a flying knee attempt that would go on to badly backfire.

Nam countered with a right to the head that knocked Osbourne back. He rolled over himself, and Nam charged forward, landing a second right hand to the side of Osbourne’s head.

After follow up Osbourne was down for the count.

“Two months tops!” Nam said when asked about getting back in the octagon, adding that he would have a callout to post on social media site Instagram later in the evening.

Tyson Nam scored $50,000 bonus for Performance of the night with this knock out.

That bonus is equal to the money he’s earned for this bout – Tyson Nam was paid $25,000 to show and another $25,000 to win.

Nam is 38 years old and his current record stands at 21 victories 12 losses and one No contest.