Highlights: UFC’s Tresean Gore tries to decapitate Josh Fremd’s with a nasty choke despite acrobatic defense

Before UFC Vegas 63, an emotional Tresean Gore talked about his mother losing a leg to diabetes. This incident undoubtedly motivated the TUF alum to put it all on the line this Saturday against LFA veteran Josh Fremd.

Gore definitely got things going in his direction when he drove right into a takedown attempt. Fremd attempted to defend with a guillotine but was unsuccessful. Gore increased the pressure, causing Fremd to fend off a further takedown while facing the fence.

Soon after, Gore picked up Fremd and slammed him to the ground. This elicited a response from the sparse audience present at the UFC Apex.

With a full half of the round remaining, Gore then took the back and landed both hooks. Fremd escaped during the scuffle and launched a couple of leg kicks at close range in his assault. He started bolstering Gore and added some right hands up top before this time he started the clinch himself.

Tresean Gore here applied a version of the guillotine. while Fremd was attempting a single leg takedown. It was a no-arm guillotine and was already pretty deep. Fremd wouldn’t give up and had even attempted to basically spaz out of the choke in a manner that previously went viral on instagram.

Fremd also made desperate attempts to snag the fence with both his hands and toes but ended up sort of cranking himself as the pressure wouldn’t let up. Gore ended up mounting him and as soon as he went to sleep Gore let his head bounce painfully of the canvas.

This will be a submission that will forever be remembered in highlight clips.