Highlights: Meerschaert Rocks Bruno Silva, Jumps on Guillotine to capitalize

Middleweight clash between Meerschaert and Bruno Silva delivered on the excitement. Even before the clash, the likelihood of finish was rated high.

While Silva has a black belt in jiu jitsu he’s also a seasoned striker.

However Meerschaert used his striking on the outside early to disorient Silva. Silva tried to march him down and pressure with a jab and picking his spots.

In round two, Silva banked on an overhand right. Meerschaert stayed on the move and kept to the outside -from there he fired off a body kick.

In third round Silva came forward and tried to open things up. Meerschaert struggled to get the clash to the ground however it would be his heavy hands that settled the result. Meerschaert crushed Silva with a heavy left hand. Silva was quick to take a knee and struggled to regain composure. Here Meerschaert piled on several more punches before capitalizing by jumping on the guillotine, switching to high elbow and quickly getting the tap.


Meerschaert changed gyms prior to the event, leaving Roufusport for Kill Cliff (previously named Sanford MMA).

“Roufusport has been my home for a long time. I’ll always be good with those guys, but they’re just more in a rebuilding phase right now,” he explained. “A lot of the bigger guys and more experienced guys either retired or have moved on to go somewhere else. So they just have a lot of young, up-and-coming guys and they’re all lighter weights. So I just had to find somewhere where I could get the work I needed.”