Highlights! Josh Parisian TKOs Alan Baudot after sliding into mount

Josh Parisian had to overcome a good deal of adverisity to come out on top at UFC Vegas 57.

Parisian duked it out with Alan Baudot in a heavyweight match up on the main card.

Baudot was on the 3 fight losing streak and on the verge of getting cut considering one previous loss had since been overturned to a no contest. Parisian was 1-2 and was struggling to get his footing in the promotion coming into UFC Vegas 57.

Baudot started the fight strong. After kicking and an impressive right that caught Parisian off guard he seemed to be gaining momentum.

Parisian countered with a submission attempt from the bottom but Baudot broke free.

Somehow he survived.

In round two, Baudot landed an early haymaker. Parisian responded with a takedown and got to side control. From there he put on an impressive campaign that culminated with the finish.