Highlights: Former UFC champion Jose Aldo wins pro boxing debut

Former featherweight UFC champion Jose Aldo can now proudly claim to be a professional boxer—and an unbeaten one at that.

Aldo put on the boxing gloves for the first time on Friday at Shooto Brazil Boxing. It was broadcast live on UFC streaming service from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Nova Uniao Upper Arena.

Aldo methodically stalked Zambrano around the ring in the first round, watching for opportunities. Zambrano started out by circling on the outside and throwing a few jabs and combinations, but Aldo’s counterpunches were more powerful and precise.

In the second round, Aldo continued to apply pressure and started aiming for blows. Zambrano’s remained active on the outside, which sometimes made Aldo cover-up. However, Aldo maintained control with his smooth defense.

In the third round, Aldo threw in some powerful combinations. He once rushed in search of a finish after rocking Zambrano with a powerful right uppercut, but it would not come.

In the fourth round, Aldo limited his offense and Zambrano was able to land a couple of excellent blows. Aldo delivered a low blow in the last seconds that forced the referee to briefly stop the bout. The combatants went back to their corners after the action resumed and this was by far Zambrano’s finest round.

In the sixth, the action picked up and was interrupted by an unintentional head clash. Before starting the bout again, the referee talked to both competitors in the middle of the ring. Prior to the bell, Aldo started landing sharper blows to regain the upper hand.

As the audience started shouting his name in the sixth and final round, Aldo marched on. He did a good job of avoiding some of Zambrano’s attacks while tearing at the body and aiming for a knockout blow. When the final bell rang, the boxers gave each other a farewell hug before going back to their corners to await the results.

Aldo won the bout by unanimous decision from the three judges, who gave him scores of 60-54, 59-55, and 60-54.

Aldo has already scheduled his next outing. He will return to the ring on April 1 to face fellow UFC veteran Jeremy Stephens at Gamebred Boxing 4 in Milwaukee.