Henry Cejudo reacts to Joe Rogan’s “worst” take: “I gotta be a pro wrestler? Is that what it is?”

Joe Rogan spends an astounding amount of time on camera just riffing weekly – so every now and then a hilarious gem emerges.

UFC color commentator made a flub when he argued that Alex Pereira’s achievements trump Henry Cejudo’s.

Cejudo was an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and had subsequently won belts in two different UFC divisions. While he’s not undefeated, he’s the only Olympic gold medalist in UFC. For the sake of comparison, Daniel Cormier didn’t even medal at the Olympics – it’s considered an achievement he was a part of the team.

Rogan said, “Yeah, he (Henry Cejudo) won the gold medal in the Olympics. However, (Alex) Pereira, when he was fighting in GLORY (Kickboxing) – he’s fighting elite professionals, you know where, Henry is wrestling amateurs.”

Cejudo recently reacted to the diss and made fun of the fact freestyle wrestling is commonly referred to as amateur wrestling – as to distinguish from the entertainment based Pro-wrestling which is staged and scripted.

Henry Cejudo laughed after learning that Rogan thinks pro kickboxing is more competitive than amateur wrestling.

In a recent episode of his famous podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan discussed various things with UFC rising star Sean O’Malley. They stumbled on a topic regarding UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira and Rogan started to compare him with former UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo.

Pereira and Cejudo competed in another sport before starting their respective MMA careers. Cejudo competed in wrestling and won many gold medals, while Pereira competed in kickboxing and became a champion in several famous kickboxing promotions. Joe Rogan praised Pereira and said that his kickboxing career is way more impressive than Cejudo’s wrestling.

“Yeah, he [Henry Cejudo] won the gold medal in the Olympics. However, [Alex] Pereira, when he was fighting in GLORY [Kickboxing] – he’s fighting elite professionals, you know, where Henry is wrestling amateurs.” Rogan said.

Recently, Henry Cejudo hilariously reacted to Rogan’s opinion. The 35-year-old appeared on his Youtube channel accompanied by MMA legend Demetrious Johnson. Cejudo laughed as soon as he heard what Rogan said.

“Dude, that’s crazy! So what do I got to do, I gotta do WWE to be a pro wrestler? Is that what it is?” Cejudo said.

Cejudo refused to have a beef with Rogan but also criticized Rogan’s statement and explained how hard amateur wrestling is.

He added, “Joe Rogan, I love you and I hope you invite me on your show. I ain’t trying to sh*t on you, but yeah that was probably about the worst thing I heard from you because amateur wrestling is like amateur boxing. It’s so much harder to win a world title because you’re in a 32-man bracket, a 16-man tournament and you have to win it every four years.”

Demetrious Johnson who sat besides Cejudo and watched the clip with him also supported Cejudo’s response, saying that the only difference between professional and amateur is the pay the athletes receive.