Hello USADA? Jon Jones underwent a Massive body transformation since he first became a UFC champion

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones achieved plenty in his life but some still don’t consider him the greatest mixed martial artist of all time because of the PED use accusations that have hounded him for years.

Of course these accusations were a result of actual positive tests that resulted in suspensions. USADA even tweaked their guidelines in order to accommodate him.

The infamous positive test that sidelined Jones for over one year and cost him a win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 is no longer ‘positive’ now that USADA has changed the threshold for turinabol.

Jones expressed his gratitude for the updated regulations, which have allowed him to feel vindicated and started lobbying for his record to get restored.

“Now, if that same rule would have applied back then, it would have never even made the media. It would have never been a deal at all. My win over Daniel Cormier would not be a no contest. It would be a knockout. A KO victory.” – he told media.

But Jones’ physique transformation through the years paints a damning picture.

Jones claimed he started powerlifting in November of 2015, and in just seven months made a complete transformation.

After his overweight pictures surfaced earlier this week, we figured a chronological retrospective might be useful.