Head Kick of the Year? Faceplant KO at Combate Global in running for best finish of the year

In an electrifying showdown at Combate Global on September 2, Alfrego Ruelas (5-5-0) secured his spot in the highlight reels of 2023 with a jaw-dropping walk-off head kick knockout against David Aguilar (3-1-0). This incredible match not only marked a turning point for Ruelas but also added to the thrilling action of the night, where MMA fans witnessed several unforgettable moments.

Ruelas initiated the encounter by striking Aguilar with a precise jab. Seizing the momentum, Ruelas relentlessly pursued Aguilar across the cage, leaving no room for his opponent to recover.

Ruelas then showcased his striking prowess as he executed a crisp one-two combination, delivering a strong right high kick that connected with accuracy to Aguilar’s jaw. The impact was nothing short of spectacular, as Ruelas’ shin met Aguilar’s jaw in a clean collision.

As a result of the crushing blow, Aguilar crumpled face-first onto the canvas. This left the referee with no choice but to call off the match. Ruelas’ victory contributed to making the event remarkable, as there were four more knockouts on the card.

While Ruelas’s knockout victory was undoubtedly a standout moment, the evening held even more surprising developments. Dylan Reischman suffered a gruesome MMA-related injury.

With this remarkable win, Alfrego Ruelas not only evened out his win-loss record but also put an end to a challenging two-bout losing streak. With a few more wins, Ruelas may soon be included in some more viral highlights.

For David Aguilar, this match marked his first professional defeat. Nevertheless, Aguilar exhibited admirable sportsmanship as he addressed the loss with grace. In an Instagram story, he reflected: “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”

Alfrego Ruelas’s sensational walk-off head kick knockout will be remembered as one of the defining moments of MMA in 2023. This unforgettable showdown at Combate Global showcased the thrilling and unpredictable nature of the sport.