Hasbulla scolds kid for crossing boundaries and pinching his cheek

Most people have the common sense to avoid crossing physical boundaries, but some have to find out the hard way. A young fan learned an invaluable lesson after squeezing Hasbulla Magomedov’s cheeks.

The young fan might’ve been mislead by Hasbulla’s appearance. Magomedov is 20 years old but weighs roughly 20kg (40 lbs). This might’ve mislead the youngster to think it was ok.

Hasbulla proceeded to scold the fan.

People who don’t know his full backstory might just think of him as a meme, or they might be brave enough to try their luck anyhow.

Social media users have posted a video of Hasbulla taking pictures with loads of adoring followers.

One young fan, though, appears out of nowhere and gives Hasbulla a cheek squeeze, which does not go over well with him. Hasbulla, shocked by the events, yells at the kid, “Hey! No!”

Hasbulla snarls at the young fan and shakes his finger at him in anger.

Some of Hasbulla’s prominent pals in the combat sports industry include former UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev and Dana White.

Recently Hasbulla told Nelk podcast he doesn’t appreciate people touching him.

“Being 20 years old, but being a person that so many people want to take a picture with, kinda mess with sometimes. Coz people want to touch me, take pictures of me. Pictures are OK but it’s not OK, I’m 20 years old now (in reference to when people want to touch or hold him).”