Guess Who This affable teen Turned Into!

This gentleman is a mainstay in MMA and is one of UFC’s biggest stars.

He made his professional debut 19 years ago – to date! The even in question was the HOOKnSHOOT – Absolute Fighting Championships 3 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His amateur experience is unknown to date – besides the videos of him you can see floating around the web.

Of Course – we’re talking about Jorge Masvidal. The 37 year old has a professional career consisting of 35 wins and 16 losses. Masvidal became a household name after achieving world’s fastest knock out in the UFC during July 2019 appearance against Ben Askren.

Since then he’s memorialized the moment with a tattoo depicting it – which many fans criticized.

“Masvidal is sporting a new tattoo, appears to be the logo for his wellness brand but… did he put Chakra stones around it?!? 🧐 I need answerssss” one fan writes.

“Masvidal’s knee tattoo is a bigger L than Askren getting KOd by the knee” another fan writes.

Ben Askren was also one of the ‘fans’ that mocked the tattoo saying:

“It’s terrible,” Askren said Wednesday on The MMA Hour. “Oh God, it just looks like crap. That’s something like a teenager gets and you’re like, ‘Oh s***, I thought that was going to look a lot better, I thought this was going to be really badass but it looks kind of dopey.’ He’s rich. He can go to the best tattoo artist in the place.”

Masvidal getting his hands wrapped for UFC 272
Masvidal getting his hands wrapped for UFC 272

Another commenter added: “I’m convinced the tattoo artist did this s**t blindfolded”

Masvidal is currently facing criminal charges and is likely being sidelined. This might not be a bad thing considering he’s racked up 3 losses in a row – of course two are to Usman and one to Covington so Masvidal’s ranking remains steep on the welterweights list.