Greg Hardy weighs in 94lb heavier than boxing rival Hasim Rahman Jr

After agreeing to a last-minute bout with Hasim Rahman Jr., Greg Hardy weighed in 94 pounds heavier than Rahman.

The former UFC and NFL icon weighed 320 pounds. He was unexpectedly brought in to meet heavyweight prospect Rahman Jr. at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas.

Before Vitor Belfort tested positive for covid, he was scheduled to box Hasim Rahman Jr.

At today’s weigh-in for their co-main event battle at Misfits Boxing’s American debut, Hardy towered over his heavyweight opponent by six inches. Throughout his MMA career, Hardy battled to stay under the 265-pound limit set by the UFC. However, he entered the cage 54 pounds heavier than his last bout.

In a private interview with Mirror following the weigh-in, Hardy made the quip,

“It’s 94lb, not 100lb, that’s a 6lb difference right there. Sure, the power’s in my favour but there’s a whole list of things he’s got going for him; he’s faster, his clothes rack has more space because he’s so much smaller! He can reach the bottom shelf, pick stuff off the ground, that’s hard for me.”

Rahman Jr.’s weight has been a major talking point throughout his career. The legend’s son had to withdraw from his August match against Jake Paul because he couldn’t get down to 200 lbs. His main performance at Madison Square Garden was abruptly cancelled when Paul wouldn’t agree to move the bout from 205 lbs to 215 lbs. Paul typically competes at 190lbs.

Rahman Jr. has been working out with KSI at a London gym in order to get ready for his comeback to the ring after missing out on a bout with Paul.

When Hardy weighed in at 266.5 pounds for a bout with Maurice Greene in October 2020, he nearly became the first in UFC history to miss the heavyweight limit. He was able to reduce his weight to 264.5 pounds on the second attempt. However, he would subsequently weigh in twice at 266 pounds, which is technically acceptable but above the desired 265-pound limit.