Gordon Ryan was unknowingly involved in a high speed chase, dodged arrest and fines

BJJ phenom Gordon Ryan just went through a scuffle with the law.

Recently, Ryan posted a series of instagram stoeires about how his vehicle was almost spike stripped on a Texas highway.

According to him, he and his girlfriend Nathália Santoro  were traveling through Texas on a trip back from Las Vegas. Ryan reported that he drove for 16 hours straight, before letting Santoro  take over the wheel so he could get some sleep.

“Se we’re driving back from Vegas and I drove for 16 hours straight and I go to do a switch with Sonny,” Ryan tells his Instagram audience. “Later, she’s driving for roughly an hour because I’m exhausted, I’m sleeping in the backseat”

“And I wake up and I look around, then I looked behind us and I see three DPS, like state trooper cars, behind us with lights on”

“And I’m like “what is that?” And she says “Oh yeah they’ve been behind us and they had their lights on, they’ve been on for a while.”

Santoro  is originally from Brazil. In Brazil, police are not customarily pulling over vehicles, and when they do, they turn on the siren. For that reason, Santoro  did not know that the police cars behind her were attempting to pull her vehicle over.

“See, so I didn’t know this, but apparently in Brazil and also Puerto Rico, the cops will drive behind you sometimes with their lights on but they won’t pull you over until the sirens are on.”

“So anyways I wake up, and we pull over and what I thought was three DPS cars turned out to be like 10 DPS cars,” Ryan says”and I’m just like “Oh my god this is gonna be great” because I don’t have plates on my car yet either.”

“So of course like eleven guys, including a Texas ranger, jump out with shotguns, pistols, and rifles screaming “get out of the car!”

“They handcuff her, screaming at me to get out of the car, they got guns at me then they handcuff me,”

After the arrest, Ryan stated that he had to wait in handcuffs in the middle of Texas until the police decided that they would let the couple go after the misunderstanding.

Ryan and Santoro  (or Sonny as he calls her) were coming back from Las Vegas after the couple attended the North American ADCC trials.

Gordon has a very known beef with Andre Galvao, the two world champions are expected to settle it in the Super-fight for the upcoming ADCC Worlds, happening in September