Gilbert Burns rates countryman Charles Oliveira ahead of Makhachev – angers manager

UFC welterweight top contender Gilbert Burns angered his manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Abdelaziz famously represents ‘half’ of the UFC roster. Just in the lightweight division – he represented Khabib Nurmagomedov and currently represents Gaethje, Makhachev and Dariush.

Gilbert Burns sided with fellow Brazilian Charles Oliveira when asked about a potential matchup against Islam Makhachev during an interview. ‘Durinho’ was attending the Eagle FC 47 event on May 20. Burns said he is sure the former lightweight champion would beat Makhachev.

“That’s a fight that is very intriguing. I still believe that Oliveira can get a win because of the striking, because of the pressure that he does, the jiujitsu.” Burns said.

Ali Abdelaziz who has been rooting for Makhachev doesn’t like the idea that someone thinks Makhachev would lose. The founder of Dominance MMA was quick enough to take aim at someone who is talking about his fighter. He then took to his Twitter account to reach Burns.

“Hey @GilbertDurinho I just heard your interview about Olivera can beat Islam, I know you don’t believe that, and Beneil will beat Olivier too.” Abdelaziz wrote.

Abdelaziz even made a bold claim saying that Beneil Dariush would beat Oliveira. Gilbert Burns was quick to respond to the tweet and the 35-year-old dared Abdelaziz to place a bet on Makhachev if he was really sure about it.

“Put your money where your mouth is. I got Charles against both! How much? @AliAbdelaziz00.” Burns wrote. It didn’t take long for Abdelaziz to respond back by saying “Done.”

Charles Oliveira is set to have a shot at the vacant lightweight belt. However, the UFC hasn’t confirmed any names to trade blows with Oliveira. One of the potential opponents is Islam Makchachev, but the Chechen born was scheduled to face Beneil Dairush. Though, it’s not impossible for the UFC to cancel their bout.