Gervonta Davis blinds Hector Garcia, with a TKO strike to the temple to win boxing showdown

Gervonta Davis just participated in a much anticipated title match against WBA super featherweight champion Hector Luis Garcia.

Garcia was going for his third consecutive win against Davis.

It began a few minutes before 1:00 AM ET. At the conclusion of the first round, David led 10-9 on the scorecards.

According to the judges’ scorecards, Garcia won the second round by the same score of 10-9. This indicated that both competitors were initially on equal footing.

Garcia won the third round 10-9 as well, significantly moving the scales in his favour against a rival who wouldn’t give up on maintaining his perfect record.

Hector Luis Garcia used his strong momentum to punch Gervonta Davis in the fourth round. Davis was taken aback by the opponent’s strong punch but recovered to win the round 10-9.

One of Davis’ best rounds was the fifth one when he started to execute three-punch combinations and jabs. According to CBS Sports, the score was 57-57 midway through the 12-round match.

After landing a solid right hand in the seventh round, Davis surged forward in an effort to hit a blow that would end the fight. Davis continued to use his strength to advance despite Garcia landing a jab. Davis won the round with a score of 10-9.

A brief interruption in action during the eighth round was caused by a situation outside the ring. It was swiftly handled and the bout continued with the two trading hooks and body shots that shook both fighters.

Davis then demonstrated his strength and stunned Garcia. While he didn’t fall, he ended up wobbling and struggled to make it to his corner. The referee declared the TKO that finished the bout and Davis kept his perfect record.

In his ring interview, Garcia said he was blinded by Davis’ TKO winning strike.

Garcia didn’t suffer any apparent damage to the soft tissue or the orbital bone. Davis hit Garcia so hard that he was temporarily blinded and didn’t know where he was. Even Davis was impressed after the fact.