German boxer dies during boxing match due to a heart attack

Musa Yamak, a 38-year-old boxer, died suddenly after fainting in the ring due to a heart attack. In an ironic twist – the bout is listed on his record as his only loss.

On Saturday, the undefeated boxer went up against Hamza Wandera in his ninth professional bout.

in the second round of a local exhibition in Buergerhaus, near Munich, Yamak took a hefty hit.

The light-heavyweight attempted to recover but was seen dropping to the floor and passing out. Yamak could not be revived.

In the hospital, the boxer was pronounced dead. As for the cause of death, it was confirmed that he died of myocardial infarction (heart attack).

According to BILD, doctors raced into the ring when Yamak fainted, and the boxing match was called off.

After the crowd had left the stadium, family members and volunteers moved chairs. They also removed the ring ropes to make room for the ambulance.

However, paramedics were delayed outside the site, according to German police.

“The paramedics saw turbulent scenes of emotionally charged fans and family members on site,” a Munich police spokeswoman said.

“To ensure the safety of the paramedics, we sent out a lot of patrols. We then set up a protection corridor on site so that the paramedics could work safely and conscientiously.”

His death is the second in the ring this year, after the death of Armenian-born Russian boxer Arrest Sahakyan in January. Arrest Sahakyan has tragically lost his life after suffering a knockout defeat in a match on December 26, then falling into a 10-day coma.

Musa Yamak became a pro in 2017 and had his career hampered by the coronavirus outbreak. In November 2021, he won the WBFed International championship after stopping Siarhei Huliakevich in his last battle.