Georges St-Pierre Says UFC Success Doesn’t Translate To Street Fighting

Being a professional fighter and competing against other professionals requires serious skill and hard training. Getting ranked as a professional fighter – and becoming a champion makes people think they’re invincible. However, if they are put in a fight without rules – commonly referred to as street fighting, they may not be able to assert their dominance and control what happens. That is according to Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre – and one of all time greatest fighters in the UFC.

The three-time UFC champion recently talked with Lex Fridman in his podcast and shared his thoughts. GSP admitted he has fought  in a lot of street fights in his life.

“Fighting in MMA and fighting in the street are two different things. Yes, I’m a mixed martial arts competitor, that’s what I’ve done all my life, but I also have a lot of street fights in my life. A lot.” Told GSP to Fridman.

When being asked about what is the difference between professional fighting and street fighting,

“In the street fight, there is no referee,” GSP added “[what’s important] is the element of surprise. And if you’re a nice guy and not the aggressor, you always have the element of surprise.”

“It’s very important to understand that in a street fight the element of surprise is important and there are no rules. So much more things going on.” Told GSP.

The UFC veteran also said that a UFC fighter is not invincible in a street fight. Anyone can throw a punch, even if it’s not the right of throwing a punch, it is still dangerous.

“Because you’re a UFC fighter you think you are invincible? This is BS. Most people don’t know how to punch, but they know how to make a fist and throw it forward.”

Even though he is retired in May 2020, Georges St-Pierre is still a talking point by some fighters. Recently, the number one UFC pound-for-pound fighter Kamaru Usman said that he wanted to fight GSP during a talk with Full Send Podcast.

“Absolutely I wanted it, see Georges is the shadow that haunts the division. Well, did. Not anymore. When Tyron Woodley was a champ, he haunted the division.” Told Kamaru Usman.

Georges St-Pierre is on the number 2 in most title fight wins with 13 wins. He won the middleweight title one time and the welterweight title 2 times and has 9 title defenses. He started his professional career in 2002 and has fought 28 fights with only 2 losses.