Geoff Neal: Ian Garry “Crossed the Line” With Mugshot Merchandise

Welterweight contender Geoff Neal has spoken out against his upcoming opponent Ian Garry for selling merchandise featuring Neal’s mugshot. Neal and Garry are scheduled to face each other at UFC 299 in March.

In an interview this week, Neal expressed his displeasure with Garry promoting their event by selling t-shirts displaying Neal’s mugshot from a previous arrest.

“It was just low class,” said Neal on the MMA Hour. “I’m not too bent out of shape about it, you know, just gonna punch him in the face. I’m not saying, you know.”

Neal went on to state that while the mugshot merch didn’t outrage him, he felt Garry had crossed a line.

“A little bit. I mean, it was was bad bad, honestly, to me, but it was just, like you said, in poor taste, so it was it was some low class s*it.”

The t-shirts became a polarizing issue among fans, with many considering it tasteless to profit off an opponent’s legal troubles. Neal, however, doesn’t appear to be letting the merchandise get under his skin.

Instead, he plans to settle the score inside the Octagon at UFC 299. When asked how he sees the event playing out, Neal confidently predicted a second round finish.

“I feel I feel like I could take him out and just take him around…once I figure out how to close the distance, I feel I could take him out in a second.”

Neal will have his shot at revenge against Garry in Florida. Based on his comments, he intends to punish Garry for the mugshot t-shirt stunt and score an emphatic victory.