Fury demands Jake Paul honor ‘All-or-Nothing’ bet, Paul team responds

Last week, Paul had challenged Tommy Fury to a bet in which the winner would get both of their purses.

Tommy Fury allegedly did not sign a formal contract on the double-or-nothing bet. However, his father John Fury thinks Paul should honor the deal.

John Fury addressed the situation on his social media.

“Good morning world, Jake Paul and family. Back home, well rested, hence back on business. Jake, you know what I’m gonna do. We had a deal mate, we had a handshake. We said we’d box for free if we got defeated…”

It seemed that John Fury expected Paul to uphold his end of the deal despite Tommy’s reluctance to sign the contract.

After losing to the British reality TV personality, Paul claimed on Instagram that he had made $30 million from the match.

An incredibly confident Tommy insisted he would defeat Paul during last week’s press conference, which prompted the American to make his challenge.

“Look at my eyes. You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds.”

“You had two lucky escapes at this ”

“You should have taken escape, you’ve blown your ticket – I’m coming to take your head off.”

Paul responded to it by saying:

“I think we make a deal. If you win – I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already – but if I win I take everything I’m paying you since you’re so confident. Deal or no deal?’”

The two then squared up and shook hands over the suggested deal.

Jake Paul’s manager responded to the John Fury video saying:

“Dear John – congratulations on the win. I’ve grown to highly respect you off camera. However this statement is shocking given what you said to me at his Highnesses house on Friday evening and the correspondence from your / Tommy’s lawyer. Moreover our team has you on camera refusing to agree to the deal the night of the fight. With all that said – fair play to Tommy on a great performance. You have raised a great young man. Hopefully he has the courage to do it again. Best, Nakisa”