French President Macron praises Benoit Saint-Denis for performing with staph despite loss at UFC 299

Rising UFC star Benoit Saint-Denis encountered UFC veteran Dustin Poirier in a bout at UFC 299. This marked a significant leap in competition for the French lightweight. Despite entering the lightweight rankings recently, Saint-Denis was favored to win.

However, Poirier delivered a knockout blow in the second round and ended up securing a win. Later, Saint-Denis revealed that he was battling an infection that impacted his performance.

In a recent Instagram post, Benoit Saint-Denis candidly shared his struggles with an infection. This prompted a response from President Macron. Macron not only appreciated Saint-Denis but also acknowledged his service in the special forces.

The President said: “Proud. You show the world that French MMA is great. In addition to being a hero of our special forces, there is no doubt: you will one day be a huge champion!”

Emmanuel Macron has consistently shown his support for Benoit Saint-Denis. He once posed for a photo wearing a T-shirt with the name of the UFC contender. Emmanuel Macron was also invited to UFC 299 by Saint-Denis. Although he did not attend the function, he commended his countryman.

While the defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 299 was a setback, Benoit Saint-Denis’s performance was commendable. Lasting just over seven minutes, Saint-Denis dominated on the ground. However, powerful punches from Poirier in standup led to his knockout. Even after the loss, Saint-Denis remained undeterred and promised a strong comeback.

After the match, Saint-Denis revealed his struggle with an infection during the UFC 299 camp. Evident from the visible wound on his face, it was considered to be Staph. With the aid of antibiotics, Saint-Denis persevered and prevented the match from getting cancelled.

However, Saint-Denis admitted that antibiotic use affected his performance. He apologised to his fans and vowed a return stronger than before. The Frenchman is just 28 years old and still has his best years ahead of him.