Francis Ngannou received “huge” support from Cristiano Ronaldo after UFC exit

During their encounter in Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo gave Francis Ngannou some “huge” words of encouragement.

Ngannou is regarded as potentially the dangerous heavyweight in MMA. He held the UFC title until this month when he made the decision to vacate it and leave the organization. Now a free agent, the Cameroonian star is considering a career in boxing. This includes a lucrative matchup with Tyson Fury along with an offer from Dillian Whyte.

Ngannou dominated the UFC’s heavyweight division and is still one of the sport’s most desired athletes. He is currently considering extending his career with a different promotion. Ngannou met football icon Ronaldo while travelling to Saudi Arabia, and the two posed for photos.

The 36-year-old has disclosed that Ronaldo was enthusiastic after switching from Manchester United to Al Nassr.

In an interview with TMZ , Ngannou said:

“We had a good talk. He told me that the Saudi [Arabia] is the future. A lot of people doesn’t understand now but they are changing really fast, it’s moving really fast. And that’s even what I personally, that was my feeling when I get there.”

“It was my first time going to Saudi and I was literally like, I didn’t really know how to carry myself, how to behave myself, but I get there and find out that everything is cool. It was just like normal life. It’s pretty cool, man. I’ve been following Cristiano for the past, maybe 17 years. And then, you know, to get to meet him in person and find out that he is a huge fan of the sport.”

“That he knows a lot about the sport. He loves the sport. He’s watched us fight. He knows a lot about me than what I was expecting. Very impressive. You know, to get someone like Cristiano Ronaldo knowing the game, know you or what you are doing, is pretty cool. He’s pretty big. He’s pretty huge. Listen, it’s like a huge support from him.”