Francis Ngannou offered Tyson Fury a complementary hair transplant during boxing bout negotiations

In the lead-up to their highly anticipated showdown on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Francis Ngannou made a striking offer to Tyson Fury, adding an intriguing twist to their negotiations.

The forthcoming bout between Ngannou and Fury is poised to be an electrifying event, marking Ngannou’s debut in the professional boxing ring. This fight is of particular significance as it signifies the former UFC heavyweight champion’s transition from MMA to boxing.

During the negotiations between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury’s teams, a unique gesture emerged that added a surprising dimension to the discussions. Mirror reports that Ngannou, who himself had undergone a discreet hair transplant, made a generous offer to ‘The Gypsy King.’ Ngannou extended an offer of a complimentary hair transplant for Fury, a procedure he had recently experienced.

A source revealed, “Francis quietly had a hair transplant behind the scenes as his team [negotiated] with the Fury camp about the fight. The pair became quite close friends at this time during the early stages of a possible fight last year, and Francis cheekily offered Fury the free transplant at the clinic he went to as a sweetener to their deal.”

This unexpected revelation adds a unique layer to the already much-discussed clash between Ngannou and Fury, generating further curiosity among fans and observers.

The Ngannou vs. Fury bout has been a topic of extensive speculation, with some predicting an easy victory for Tyson Fury due to his boxing pedigree. However, former UFC fighter Dan Hardy provides a different perspective. In an interview with Sherdog, Hardy highlighted Ngannou’s knockout potential and the unpredictable nature of heavyweight fights, stating:

“The Tyson Fury fight is as fascinating and intriguing as any other fight I’ve ever seen. I was heavily involved in the May/Mac fight, and of course, we knew McGregor’s chances to beat Mayweather or even land something meaningful on him were very slim.”

Hardy goes on to emphasize the uncertainty surrounding the fight, particularly the question of whether Ngannou, known for his incredible striking power, can land a telling blow on Tyson Fury, and if Fury can recover if he does. With the heavyweight division’s unique intensity, both fighters face considerable pressure, making this clash one to watch.