Fox, Disney ESPN & Warner Bros Set To Create Joint Sports Streaming Platform

In a groundbreaking alliance, entertainment titans Fox, Disney, and Warner Brothers are set to join forces and unleash a streaming service featuring each platform’s sports content.

A joint statement was released by the three industry giants on Tuesday.

The yet-to-be-named streaming service is slated to become the go-to destination for avid sports enthusiasts. The platform will offer a diverse range of content from NFL, March Madness, NHL, NBA, MLB, and more.

According to the official announcement, the upcoming streaming service is set to host a powerhouse of sports programming. Notable inclusions are ESPN’s comprehensive array of content, ensuring fans have access to an extensive suite of sports channels.

Disney Chief Executive¬† Bob Iger emphasized the significance of this move, stating: “The full suite of ESPN channels will be available to consumers alongside the sports programming of other industry leaders as part of a differentiated sports-centric service.”

The streaming service is poised to bring together a stellar lineup of sports channels, encompassing ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, TNT, and more. This strategic collaboration aims to provide users with unparalleled access to a diverse range of sports content, creating a one-stop destination for sports aficionados.

Iger expressed his enthusiasm, proclaiming: “The launch of this new streaming sports service is a significant moment for Disney and ESPN, a major win for sports fans, and an important step forward for the media business.”

While the official announcement was made on Tuesday, the details of the subscription service are still in the negotiation phase. The statement clarifies that the specifics are “subject to the negotiation of definitive agreements among the parties.” This implies that finer details regarding the service’s content and features are yet to be finalized.

Although the joint statement did not explicitly mention the UFC, the timing of this collaboration aligns intriguingly with the UFC’s deal with ESPN set to conclude in 2025. This presents a unique opportunity for the streaming service to potentially secure broadcasting rights for UFC events.

This news comes following the WWE’s 10-year $5 billion contract with Netflix that begins in 2025.

Anticipation is building as the launch of this groundbreaking streaming service is scheduled for Fall 2024.