Former WWE star who transitioned from Male to Female: I don’t miss my muscles at all

Gabbi Tuft is a former professional wrestler known for her imposing strength and stature. He recently transitioned from male to female, experiencing a dramatic physical transformation.

In a recent interview, Tuft was asked point blank if she missed being “the big jacked, 200 lb guy” she once was.

Gabi replied bluntly: “No, not at all. That was such a big accomplishment. Who I was,  getting to 280 lb at 6 foot 2 and a third or however tall I am. I shrunk a little bit. I was 6 foot 3. All the bumping and wrestling, I think it compressed my spine.”

As a male wrestler at the peak of hisr career, Tuft cut an undeniably intimidating figure. Standing over 6 feet tall and weighing around 280 pounds, her massive, muscular frame was a wonder. She estimates that her biceps measured about 22 inches in circumference, swollen and ripped from intense training.

After transitioning, Tuft’s body changed significantly as a result of hormone therapy. Without the high testosterone levels, she lost considerable muscle mass and strength. Compared to her prime days as a hulking wrestler, she is nearly unrecognizable now in size and strength.

She says, “My arms are under 14 inches now in diameter or circumference, sorry. I am nowhere near the person I used to be as far as like physical stature by any means. I’m much less strong.”

While it’s clear that Tuft has lost the sheer power and imposing physique that made her a dominant force in wrestling, she maintains that she does not actually miss that part of her former self.

The sense of accomplishment and identity she derived from being bigger and stronger as a male athlete no longer defines her. Rather than longing for her former stature, she sounds at peace with her new, feminine body – muscles and all.

For Tuft, the considerable changes in her strength and physique after transitioning represent much more than a shift in muscles and mass. They symbolize a profound personal transformation into the person she was always meant to be.