Former VP of Pride claims ignorance about PED allowing contracts, claims Fedor was never on them

Former Pride Vice President Jerry Millen recently had a very interesting lengthy interview. Millen served on Pride and went on to be Fedor Emelianenko’s US manager. Millen is also the man that filmed that now infamous interview with Dana White’s mother June.

Enson Inoue exposed PRIDE for their questionable contracts a couple of weeks ago. The contract specifically stated that PEDs are excluded from testing, while pot and similar things would be heavily penalized.

Jerry Millen was put on the spot in the interview (as translated by staff of and made to address the leaked contract.

Millen tried to play dumb and said that he wasn’t responsible for all the paperwork.

“I don’t know, because I didn’t make all the contracts.”

Millen added that the contracts he “signed in America didn’t have this section.”

The executive said that they tested men for PEDs in the US. However, he acknowledged that some of them were able to fool the screening process.

“In Vegas, fighters were tested for ster**ds. Some found ways to pass the tests. I don’t know. Pride was a big organization, and I didn’t control everything.”

“Were there any fighters on ster**ds? Maybe. It was easy enough to successfully pass the test on steroids even in those days.” – he continued.

Millen with Couture and Fedor
Millen with Couture and Fedor

Millen was then asked about Fedor Emelienanko’s Pride contract considering he had ties to both Pride and Emelianenko and would likely be familiar with the incident.

“Did Fedor also not have this section in the contract?” asked the interviewer.

“I don’t know. There were no such sections in the US. Fedor never took ster**ds. I guarantee.” Millen replied.

In addition, Millen said that Fedor’s physique is proof that he never used PEDs.

“You know what guys look like on ster**ds. Fedor doesn’t look like them. Fedor is very modest. This is the type of guy you see on the street and think, oh, I probably could fight this guy.”

“But don’t make this mistake. No, Fedor didn’t take ster**ds.”

Millen went on to elaborate in detail how he believed UFC was aiming to destroy Fedor Emelianenko’s legacy following Pride purchase.