Former UFC star Pearl Gonzalez wants to take on hottest boxing superstar Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie Bridges made quite a scene earlier this week when she opted to weigh in in a spectacular looking outfit. The female form in the world of combat sports often get exaggerated so it’s always a shock seeing someone show up to weigh ins dressed up to the nines.

But we weren’t the only ones who noticed – another female athlete applauded the way  Ebanie chose to present herself – former UFC star Pearl Gonzales. Gonzales called for a boxing event featuring her and Bridges impressed with how Bridges became a world champion late Saturday night.

 Gonzalez, who had only two outings for the UFC, called out Bridges after her recent win by writing: “One day I’m gonna fight Ebanie Bridges in boxing, it will be one of the hottest and biggest fights in women’s boxing!”.
Bridges fired back at those that criticize her provocative outfits following her victory in an expletives filled rant:
“I would like to say, ‘Can I f****** fight or not?’ F*** you guys who think I can’t fight. I can f***ing fight. I can box, I can fight, and I can look hot on the scales so hopefully I’ve proved a lot of doubters wrong,” she said.

“I feel proud of myself, and I feel extremely happy because it means everything I have sacrificed and all the work I’ve done has been worth it. This belt represents everything; all the heartbreaks, the sacrifice and all the training so I’m happy. She was a tough champion and she brought it so that meant I could do the stuff I love to do.”

To Gonzales’ credit she does have amateur boxing experience and also trained with featherweight champion Amanda Serrano.

Gonzalez has an MMA record consisting of 10 wins and 5 losses with her last outing dating back to February 2020 in Invicta. Many speculate that Gonzalez’ onlyfans career is more lucrative than her Invicta contract.