Former UFC star is one of the rare picking Conor McGregor to beat Michael Chandler

In a recent interview, Dan Hardy made a bold prediction: Conor McGregor will emerge victorious in his upcoming fight against Michael Chandler. Hardy’s confidence in McGregor’s abilities stems from the Irish fighter’s impressive track record in high-pressure situations.

According to Hardy, McGregor has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary ability to control and manage the pace of his fights, creating illusions with his range and cadence. He cited McGregor’s devastating knockout of Jose Aldo as a prime example of his exceptional skills. Hardy noted that McGregor’s refined game sense allows him to adapt to his opponents’ tactics, making him a formidable opponent.

“Like, that’s a very, very high-level operating system and that’s not something that you lose by hanging out on a yacht and enjoying your life. I still feel like he’s got that refinement in his game. And Michael Chandler’s not the guy that he was in Bellator when he was cautious and he was picking his shots”

“Like, if he plays the game that he did against, like, say, Sydney Outlaw, where he was poised and ready and waiting to land that clean shot, then that Chandler can beat anybody with that speed off the mark and that power. But he’s become a lot more reckless recently and that just plays into McGregor’s game. “

“Like, McGregor made Aldo reckless and then punished him for it. Chandler comes in reckless. He’s coming in for a payday and a show, you know? He’s not thinking, right, I’m gonna beat Conor McGregor and I’m gonna do it this particular way. He’s coming to fight and that’s where he’s, that’s his intention.”

When asked about Chandler’s recent injury, Hardy acknowledged that it might alter his approach, but he believes McGregor’s fight IQ will allow him to turn this perceived weakness into an advantage. McGregor might even use his injured leg as bait, luring Chandler into a trap.

“I think it might change his stance slightly. But I also think that, you know, he’s gonna be aware of that vulnerability and his fight IQ is gonna allow him to turn that into a positive. So you might even see him leaving that leg out there as a target so he can punish Chandler for attacking it.”

Hardy’s admiration for McGregor’s abilities is evident in his analysis. He praises McGregor’s singular focus, which allows him to execute his game plan with precision. Unlike other fighters, such as Israel Adesanya, who has a more diverse striking repertoire, McGregor’s arsenal is centered around his devastating left hand.