Former UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy: Jon Jones Beats Ngannou & Gane In The Same Night

Jon Jones is one of the biggest athletic talents the UFC has seen – sadly he’s also one of the most problematic ones.

Jones has been bulking up and hoping to make his Heavyweight debut now that his legal issues have been settled.

On that faithful September 24th Jones was allegedly violent towards his girlfriend in front of their kids and damaged a police car. Jones followed that up by crying when the cops wouldn’t be intimidated, and even made a comedic escape attempt.

According to the police report from that day, his partner was covered in blood and visibly shaken up.

Jones originally was charged with felony tampering with a vehicle and misdemeanor domestic battery. The domestic battery charge was dropped, and Jones pleaded nolo contendere to destroying the property of another. Nolo contendere is a plea where a defendant accepts a conviction, but does not admit guilt.

Prior to that Jones’ fighting career hit a snag during the negotiations to fight Francis Ngannou – Dana White had slammed Jones as having had ‘bad management’. Bad management estimate would go on to hunt White considering he found himself in a vicious battle with Ngannou’s manager immediately after.

Now Tim Kennedy is weighing in on where Jon Jones stands compared to the Interim Heavyweight Champion Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou.