Former UFC champion predicts Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate despite Tate’s legal issues

Former UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo predicted a match up between Jake Paul and Andrew Tate. ‘Triple C’ believes Jake could easily manhandle the controversial influencer.

Andrew Tate returning to the ring to face Jake Paul was a hot topic several months ago. They went from teasing a boxing match on social media to actually meeting up and had a staredown session. Jake even said that both parties were in negotiation and are aiming to have a boxing bout this year.

Andrew Tate is a business man and a famous influencer. He became famous last year.

Despite the controversy, Tate was a legit kickboxer. The 36-year-old won the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England with the nickname ‘Cobra’. He has a score of 76 wins and 9 losses with his latest match dating back to 2020.

But Tate is now incarcerated and needs to wait and see if Romania’s police will be charging him with serious crimes he’s been accused of.

On the other hand, Jake Paul started his professional boxing career in 2020 and is currently 6-0. ‘The Problem Child’ has been clashing with popular figures and highly profited from the PPV buys. However, his huge drawback is that he only faced retired athletes and never faced an actual pro boxer.

With those points, many believe that Tate will easily defeat the 25-year-old. However, Henry Cejudo has a different opinion.

“I’m just not sure how good he really is. You put a guy like Andrew Tate with Jake Paul, I think Jake Paul gets it done pretty fairly quickly. ”

“You know, Jake Paul goes high, low, low, high, he’s been able to develop those two-three combinations, and if he can beat a guy like Anderson Silva convincingly like he did, then I think it would be easy work with Andrew Tate.” Cejudo said on his Instagram.

Jake faced Silva in October of last year. The two exchanged blows for 8 rounds with Jake winning by decision.