Former UFC champ Henry Cejudo: Jake Paul would outbox Andrew Tate easily

Former two-division UFC champion Henry Cejudo is known for his expertise in breaking down combat sports. Earlier this year, Cejudo turned his attention to analyzing the bouts of infamous kickboxer Andrew Tate, and the former UFC champ did not hold back in his critique.

During his analysis, Cejudo sighed and expressed his disappointment with Tate’s last several outings. He accused the kickboxing community of padding their records by pitting questionable opponents. Cejudo pointed out that despite Tate’s impressive record of 75-9, he should not be facing someone who is only 3-2 or 2-3, as it is ridiculous.

Cejudo then specifically criticized Tate’s bout against Cosmic Lingurar, a debutant. He emphasized that someone with a record of 76-9 should not be going up against someone who has never competed professionally before.

Cejudo also had a message for fans who follow martial artists without knowing the truth behind their records. He warned them not to be fooled by  impressive records, as they may have been achieved by questionable opponents. Cejudo’s message to the fans is that it is important to look beyond a record and understand the level of competition they have faced.

As for Cejudo’s own career, he is set to challenge reigning bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling on June 6 at UFC 288. This will mark three years since the former Olympic gold medalist has competed inside the Octagon.