Georges St-Pierre reacts to the video of the time he wrestled NHL’s ‘King’ enforcer: I wouldn ‘t have wanted to fight with him on the ice

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre recently shared a captivating video on his social media platform. The video showed his wrestling skills against former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque.

In the video, St-Pierre engages in a wrestling match with the formidable Georges Laraque. Standing at 6ft 3 and weighing 260-pounds during his NHL career, Laraque was renowned for his enforcer role on the ice. The enforcer was a vital position in the past since they were trusted to defend and protect their star players.

Conversely, GSP was the reigning welterweight champion in the UFC. He likely weighed slightly over 180 pounds at the time.

The legendary Canadian mixed martial artist gave his opinion on the wrestling match. He pointed out that if they had been skating on an NHL rink, the result would have been quite different.

“Throwback to afun challenge I had with my friend [Georges Laraque] who was the king enforcer in the NHL. However, I wouldn ‘t have wanted to fight with him on the ice, because he would have kicked my bu*t.”

Despite the noticeable physical difference, St-Pierre’s impeccable technique and skill were evident as he dominated the wrestling session.

Laraque reacted positively to his defeat, expressing admiration for MMA combatants and acknowledging the intensity of the wrestling session. He emphasized the physical demands of wrestling against someone of St-Pierre’s caliber, admitting that it surpassed the challenges faced in NHL games.

Laraque stated: “That’s [wrestling against St-Pierre] much harder than a hockey game and our NHLfights. It’s unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine fighting someone my own size. For his size, he’s stronger than me, it was unbelievable.”

Despite Laraque’s imposing stature, St-Pierre’s expertise proved to be the differentiating factor in their matchup.

Georges St-Pierre’s video serves as a testament to the significance of skill and technique in combat sports. While size and strength hold their value, it’s the mastery of technique that truly distinguishes champions. The wrestling showdown between St-Pierre and Laraque not only entertained but also provided valuable insights fans could follow in their life.