Former UFC champ blames Adesanya’s arrogance for title loss

Last weekend, American middleweight Sean Strickland astounded the MMA world by clinching the UFC middleweight title in a unanimous decision win over Israel Adesanya. This result is regarded by many fans as one of the biggest upsets in the history of mixed martial arts, not just in the UFC.

This historic bout is sure to be remembered for years to come, but the focus now shifts to what lies ahead. Experts widely agree that this bout has finally brought movement to the UFC’s middleweight division, which had long been under Adesanya’s domination.

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping was far from impressed with Adesanya’s approach to his showdown with Strickland. While Adesanya entered the bout as the favorite, Bisping emphasized the critical nature of taking every opponent seriously at this elite level of the sport.

Bisping’s sentiments were clear as he conveyed to TNT Sports, “There was an air of arrogance in the corner of Israel Adesanya and from Izzy himself.”

He went on to point out that even when Adesanya found himself in a precarious situation in the first round, there was a noticeable lack of concern or realization of the real threat he faced.

He continued: “Even when he was dropped in the first round and was very close to being finished, he had a kind of smug look on his face, and there was no concern, worry, or realization that he was in there with a real threat.”

Bisping further critiqued Adesanya’s strategy. He highlighted that in the initial round, Adesanya was retreating. According to the UFC veteran, this is not the path to dominance in high-stakes bouts.

Adesanya has always been admired for competing regularly, in addition to being a modern-day great in terms of his combat sports skills. To some, this may not seem like a huge concern.

But competitors like to take their time to heal and pick the opponent that is the greatest fit for them. When they win, they often become even more picky about this.

Due to the brutality of MMA, athletes must also give their bodies the well-deserved rest they need to recuperate and heal. Bisping commented: “In the meantime, Izzy can go away and have a well-deserved break.”