Former UFC Alex Pereira bundles up in a towel to make it through the frigid cold of Connecticut

Former UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira is renowned for his unwavering, serious demeanor. However, a recent video captured a different side of Pereira. The video revealed a moment of vulnerability as he braved the cold in Connecticut, United States.

Pereira boasts an impressive resume, not only as a former UFC middleweight champion but also as a former Glory Kickboxing titleholder.

He trains in Western Connecticut at Teixeira MMA & Fitness alongside Glover Teixeira, who formerly held the title in the light heavyweight division. It was Teixeira who shared the amusing video on his Instagram story, showcasing Pereira’s inventive use of a towel as a makeshift scarf to ward off the Connecticut cold.

Pereira’s professional record stands at eight wins and two losses. Within a year of his UFC debut, he seized the middleweight title from his longtime rival, Israel Adesanya.

Their rivalry ignited a series of fiercely contested bouts, each one leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Pereira’s reign at the top was short-lived, as Adesanya reclaimed the middleweight title at UFC 287.

Following his encounter with Adesanya, Pereira transitioned to the light heavyweight division. His first bout in this weight class was against Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291. The match was a grueling showdown that pushed both to their limits.

But it was Pereira who emerged victorious. He ended up winning via split decision and securing his first win in the light-heavyweight division.

Glover Teixeira’s Instagram story provided fans with a lighthearted view of Pereira, a departure from his usual seriousness. Netizens couldn’t help but be amused by this unexpected side of the Pereira, and social media platforms buzzed with reactions.

Here are some responses from the Twitter community:

“Wait towels like this actually do keep you more warm, why haven’t we been doing that?

Some of these scarfs are $100!”

“Man this guy is awesome 😂”

“Connecticut definitely isn’t like Brazil in October 🤣”


“He’s gonna hate NYC in November 😫”

In his upcoming UFC light-heavyweight matchup, Alex Pereira will face off against the leading contender in the division Jiri Prochazka. Pereira currently holds the #3 spot in the rankings.

This highly anticipated showdown is slated to be the main event at UFC 295, set to take place at the Madison Square Garden in New York this November. Fans eagerly await Pereira’s return to the spotlight, hoping to witness him ascend to the top spot in the light-heavyweight division.