Former teammate Josh Thomson talks Cain Velasquez: ‘‘Breaks my heart’

Ex Strikeforce champ, Bellator commentator Josh Thomson recently got a chance to talk a little bit about the Cain Velasquez situation. Thomson was a teammate of Velasquez’ for a number of years at the American Kickboxing Academy.

Thomson had since retired and can nowadays be heard on his podcasts with Big John McCarthy in addition to doing Bellator commentary.

Thomson was vocal that there need to be bigger changes in the society in order to prevent this type of miscarriage of justice.

“And so it’s sad. It really is, but all you can do is support him and be there for him and his wife and his kids and his family and wish them all the best and just be there if they call. That’s all we can do.”

“I’m hoping that the laws change,” Thomson later added. “I hope that they stop allowing them to be released with no bail. I’m hoping that the state does something to take that into consideration and start changing that. The bottom line is he’s gonna try and get some sort of – there’ll probably be some sort of plea, they’re probably trying to get him to plea because there has to be some sort of repercussions for what he did. But if it goes all the way to court, the outcome could not go in his favor also.”

“So there’s a lot to be discussed, and he’s in a really bad position when it comes to making sure that his family could continue to be taken care of and what’s he gonna do. Is he gonna see his kids grow up? Do you take it all the way to court? Do you plea out and hopefully get out sooner? I don’t know. I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t think anyone does.”

Velasquez is looking at a 20 years to life for the shooting of a man indicted for inappropriate behavior towards Cain’s minor relative.