Former president of Brazil, Bolsonaro spotted at José Aldo’s USA residence

Images from Friday night around 10:10 show President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) arriving in Orlando. Bolsonaro and his entourage were seen In front of former UFC champion José Aldo’s home. It is anticipated that the president would remain in the country until January 31.

The current president left the Brasilia Air Force Base for the United States on a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) aircraft. He was joined by advisers and Michelle Bolsonaro, the first lady.

Before boarding a flight, Bolsonaro told CNN: “I’m on a flight, I’ll be back soon.” The president had denied on Tuesday that he will be visiting the US on Wednesday (28).

According to a publication in the Official Gazette of the Union, The Presidency of the Republic officially granted permission for eight advisers and assistants to leave the nation for the next month in order to “carry out advice, security and personal support for the future former president”.

The decree states that the president will be absent from Brazil by January 30. As a result, he will not be present for the inauguration ceremony to hand Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva the presidential sash (PT). Bolsonaro must use a commercial or private jet during his return as he is no longer the president.

President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) is considering options for the formal event in light of vice president Hamilton Mouro’s (Republicanos-RS) statements that he would not likewise take part in the presidential sash transfer ceremony.

Leaders of the PT have reportedly told CNN that the transition government team believes there are three ways to present the symbol of the Presidency of the Republic.

During his run as president of Brazil, Bolsonaro enjoyed support from countless MMA and BJJ celebrities’. Bolsonaro even had Renzo Gracie serving as the minister of tourism for the country. Gracie famously landed in the center of a controversy when he made colored comments about Emanuel Macron.