Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo follows a trend MMA stars started: Painting his toenails

The reason why celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and other mixed martial arts competitors have taken to painting their toenails black is rather strange.

People are very perplexed as to why the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and other UFC players have been observed with black nail polish on their toes. Following a recent Al Nassr game, Ronaldo posted a picture of himself. Its obvious that everyone’s attention was only on his feet.

Ronaldo shared a picture of himself wearing nothing but black underwear while lounging in an luxurious sauna on his Instagram story. He was seen wearing black nail polish on his feet.

Large numbers of admirers flocked to Twitter to express their views to the surprising cosmetic decision after the football icon’s story went viral on social media.

A fan asked: “Why does Ronaldo have black toenails?”

Another user questioned: “Did I miss something or everyone else missed it? Did Ronaldo paint his toenails?”


Israel Adesanya is frequently spotted with manicured nails
Israel Adesanya is frequently spotted with manicured nails

Another fan said: “We not gonna talk about the fact Ronaldo has painted his toenails black?”

One Twitter follower defended the football player, saying: “Omg.. what is SO wrong about men with painted toenails?? I support Ronaldo’s black nails!!”

Furthermore, the Portuguese celebrity has already been seen with black toenails. UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou previously posted photos with Ronaldo earlier this year. In the pictures, Ronaldo can be seen sporting black nails showing through his sliders.

Contrary to mere fashion statements, there’s a scientific rationale behind athletes opting to sport toenails. According to German outlet, these athletes use nail polish or a protective layer to shield their nails from fungi and bacteria. This is because their feet are confined in sweaty shoes for prolonged periods.

According to the publication, this is a rather widespread practice among athletes. Even mixed martial arts competitors also participate in the health craze.

“Many top athletes do this to protect their nails from fungi and bacteria when they are stuck in sweaty shoes for hours. Even Mike Tyson.”

Furthermore, former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski also painted his nails every time he entered the ring.

It is stated that nail polish helps boxers avoid having their toenails break or split while they are in action by hardening the nail. This reduces the chance of an injury occurring during a match.